General Screening

EMAN has the expertise and equipment to perform customized screening for hit compounds. This includes: Preparation of assay plates Compound screening Analyzing the effects of the compounds using microscopes or plate readers. The results of these experiments provide starting points for drug design and development.

Additional Services We can advice on and assist in assay development, i.e. optimizing, validating and downscaling the assay to 96-well plate format. After hit compound identification, services for further compound characterization can be provided, i.e. determining the LD50


In vitro Cancer Biology Service

EMAN offers our clients several in vitro assays to help determine the efficacy, mechanism of action and toxicity of their compounds. We have numerous human cell lines derived from cancers such as lung, colon, breast, prostate, liver, leukemia, and lymphoma. If the client desires a specific cell line not in our library, we will determine its availability from sources such as the American Type Culture Collection (ATCC). We also offer other in vitro assays such as,

Cell proliferation and growth inhibition assays (tumor & normal cells) Apoptosis assays (tumor & endothelial cells) Cell cycle and apoptosis analysis using flow cytometry

* Migration and invasion assays (Matrigel® and fibrin gel)

* HUVECs proliferation and tube formation assay Receptor binding and activity assays (ER, PR, AR, PPAR, etc.)

* ELISA, Western blots on treated animal tissue and cell lystates for enzymes, cytokines and other protein targets Zymogels for protease activity (MMP, etcs)

*Offered through our external collaborators EMAN provides a comprehensive battery of testing and drug discovery services to realize the full potential of newly discovered drugs.

Drug Discovery Services

In vivo Cancer Drug Efficacy From designing and performing animal studies to histopathology analysis and follow-up molecular biology and biochemistry experiments, our experienced staff work closely with our clients to ensure that we provide the in vivo services they need. Our modern animal facility includes suites dedicated to housing athymic mice and specialized surgical facility.

Scope of Services: Tumor Implants (Human xenografts in athymic nude mice) Orthotopic and ectopic implantation Metastasis model (Spontaneous metastasis) Orthotopic and footpad implantation Intravenous injection

4. Fluorescence molecular tomography EMAN is the only pioneer in providing services such as Orthotopic tumors implanted in xenographt animals will be monitored using the FMT scanning image system. Any kind of disease model can also be monitored with FMT.

Product Formulations

Pharmaceutical Forumlations for different applications (extracts, effervescent powder, effervescence drinks, tablets, capsules, ointments, gels, creams, cosmotic items, etc.)

Herbal Standardization and Quality Control

HPLC Characterization and HPTLC Profiling

Regulatory Applications and Safety Testing

The demands on the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Industry to comply with the growing requirements for safe product production and handling are becoming increasingly rigorous. More companies are turning to experienced Contract Research Organizations for advice as well as outsourced biological solutions. EMAN is at the forefront of regulatory compliant biological analysis and offers access to experienced personnel as well as cutting edge technology.


With extensive experience of biological analysis in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and healthcare industry, EMAN provides a reliable and cost effective extension to in-house capabilities. EMAN has the expertise in handling a wide range of sample types from raw materials through finished products to medical devices. GLP Testing services offered by EMAN to facilitate regulatory applications: General Animal Toxicology Testing Using Rodents (OECD 401, 407 and 408) or Non-Rodents (offered through our external collaborators) Harmonized Microbial Limit Test AMES Bacterial Reversion Mutation Assay according to ISO 10993-3 Guidelines Cytotoxicity Testing using Mouse Fibroblast for Medical Devices (ASTM F813) following Direct and indirect contact tests according to the standards of ISO standard 10993-12. EMAN will translate your outsourcing requirements into effective plan in order to deliver a solution to your testing needs. EMAN employs credible external collaborators to expand its scope of testing services.  




EMAN provides consultation services in the following : Patenting Formulation Development for oral use or topical applications. Commercialization and Marketing of Developed Products

Clinical Trial

PI-PIII human studies, pharmacokinetics, DNA extraction, genotyping, bio analysis, stability testing, assay development and validation


In vitro cytotoxicity, angiogenesis assay, genotoxicology studies, toxicology studies using animal model


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