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EMAN Testing Laboratory was first established in 2007 under the flagship of Universiti Sains Malaysia. In 2011, EMAN lab is established as a commercial entity under the banner of School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Universiti Sains Malaysia.   EMAN is committed to providing industries, research laboratories and universities a unique combination of knowledge, skills and experience in preclinical research and testing services in new drugs development targeting angiogenesis and cancer. EMAN testing facilities includes 5000 square feet state-of-the-art laboratory to ensure the highest quality of testing services employing validated cutting edge research methodologies.   EMAN focuses on the early discovery of natural compounds that have potential anti-cancer activity and agents that perturb the angiogenesis pathways. The latter has pivotal role in the wide variety of metabolic disorder manifestations including rheumatoid arthritis, diabetic blindness, obesity, age related macular degeneration, Alzheimer disease and cancer.

EMAN core focus is in the discovery, research and development of angiogenesis-based medicine. Angiogenesis-based medicine is a new, comprehensive approach to fighting diseases using new medical treatments that either inhibit or stimulate angiogenesis. EMAN’s success in developing its in-house R&D services has helped EMAN to generate its own range of commercializable patented products targeting angiogenesis. In line with its R&D services, EMAN is also offering numerous in-house safety testing services to ensure that the products are compliant with legislative regulations. EMAN’s ultimate goal is to serve as a convenient one stop solution to industries, research laboratories and universities focussing on drug research and development.

Our Specialization

We serve as a convenient one stop solution to industries, research laboratories and universities focussing on drug research and development.

1. R&D services

2. Commercialization

3. Regulatory application and safety testing

4. Herbal Standardization and Quaity control

5. Product formulation

6. Drug Discovery services


years of experience

Our Team Members

Dr. Khadeer Ahamed Basheer

Managing Director.

Dr. Aman Shah



Senior Research Officer.



Dr. Fouad Saleh

Chief Scientific Officer.


Senior Scientific Officer.

What Is Angiogenesis?

Angiogenesis is the formation of new capillary blood vessels from pre-existing vessels. It is an essential natural process in the body for healing and reproduction. Our body produces a precise balance of growth and inhibitory factors in healthy tissues to control angiogenesis. When this balance is interfered, the result is either excessive or insufficient angiogenesis. The abnormal angiogenesis is a common denominator in many conditions including cancer, Alzheimer disease, diabetic blindness, obesity and rheumatoid arthritis.

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